Standard Lager: Dry character with noble aroma hops

Maybe Elvis and the birth of rock ’n’ roll were all the rage elsewhere in 1957, but here in BC our brewers were excited about perfecting a simple, iconic beer. Forget about gimmicks. This was lager as it was meant to be — something you can curl up with (Lager in German actual mean bed or camp). Today, half a century later, we are carrying on that tradition — brewing an honest beer and an honest light beer from that same classic recipe.

Traditional BC Lager is as good as it gets: An easy-drinking beer providing unparalleled refreshment. Well-balanced, slightly redolent of fresh herbs, this brew will enhance whatever or whomever it accompanies. Great with spicy food or roast chicken.

Volume: 355 mL
Alcohol : 5 %
Calories : 140