The Cariboo family of beers is down home BC in a bottle. Cariboo’s award winning Genuine Draft reminds us of our pioneering roots in Prince George including the original name of the brewery and the region responsible for each and every delicious beer we produce. Cariboo Blonde is an easy drinking, summer lager that is white gold in color with a crisp, light malt finish. Cariboo Light Lager, with its dry character, is a 4 per cent replica of Genuine Draft without compromise. Our Cariboo Honey Lager is made with the same raw ingredients as our classic recipe and we add genuine BC honey from the Cariboo region. Cariboo Cream Ale reflects the winters of the North with a bit more colour, body and flavor to really keep you cozy when it’s -20 C. And, then there’s Cariboo Pale Ale … where the summer goes to get a little bit cooler.