At PWB we’re proud to say: “This is us.”

Let’s raise a glass to PWB, BC’s fiercely loyal, doggedly independent home-grown brewery.

You’d be proud too if you’d managed, over several decades, to withstand the constant marketing assaults of the Big Three globally-controlled mega brewers and you’d managed to keep getting better and build a loyal following.

What’s the secret? There isn’t one … just constant dedication to brewing a quality product and selling it at a fair price. Over the past quarter century, that dedication has been embraced by our team of long standing employees. Who else in BC can brew a beer good enough to be exported into the Japanese market … one of the most demanding consumer markets in the world?

We are that good and we do it in the backyard of one of the finest Interior communities in this province. Prince George embodies BC’s entrepreneurial spirit. Like other BC communities, big and small, it has forged its identity and purpose from raw material and human grit. It has been the home of commercial brewing for 60 years.

Yes, let’s raise a glass to PWB…
good beer, brewed right here
by hard working, dedicated British Columbians.

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