Cindy Hartford

Cindy Hartford has put down deep roots

Cindy Hartford and her husband, Brian, moved to Prince George in 1995 and put down roots … deep roots at Pacific Western Brewing and in the community.

In September, Cindy became PWB’s Plant Manager. She says: “I started working at the brewery in 1996. Over the past 21 years my role has expanded greatly. I started in the Quality Assurance department as a technician learning the production and brewhouse areas.

“When I started I believe I was the youngest person here and I learned a great deal from all the senior employees. This learning environment and the opportunities that have come my way are why I am still here.”

The Brewhouse is where Cindy has seen the most change including the introduction of the ISO 9000 system, a quality assurance discipline that required Cindy to acquire an intimate knowledge of all the brewery systems.

“Brewery management has been adamant that we try new things and do them the best way we can. I took on that challenge and did my best to help PWB succeed in many different areas including the introduction of flavoured water, energy drinks, organic beverages, soda pop, vodka drinks and now ciders.

“Now the production area will see a huge technological change and I am excited to be a part of this improvement,” she says.

“My role has been to ensure we produce the highest quality products for all our customers from Canada to Japan and help ensure PWB continues to introduce new products. We will always deliver great beer and we will never shy away from trying new things.”

Cindy and Brian have two teenage children. They are a very active family, skiing in the winter and waterskiing in the summer. “Our children are active in their schools and Rotary. I am a fitness instructor in the evenings and ultra-runner in my spare time. I volunteer training high school students for a cross country cycling journey to help promote health and fitness amongst their peers,” she says.

“In the community PWB is involved in issues that matter, such as reforestation. This community revolves around forestry and PWB has taken a stance and is helping BC grow especially after the devastating wildfires this year.

“PWB has been there for this community and always will be. I am proud to be part of that.”