Character Ale:
Cream Ale is unique in the fact that it derives from North America not Europe, as it was spawned from a thirst for something more than regular American lager beer. Generally brewed with an ale yeast and cold conditioned like a lager, a Cream Ale will usually have a golden color with light to medium body, but the Cariboo Cream Ale reflects the winters of the North – a bit more colour, body and flavor to really keep you cozy when it is minus twenty.

Our Cariboo Cream Ale is brewed with an authentic ale yeast that we have specially selected to give our beer a distinct creamy note to enhance the robust aroma malts, we also add a hint of vanilla. The beer is darker than a typical Cream Ale because we use specialty roasted malts that add more flavor. You can enjoy all year round with spicy Asian foods or pork dishes.

Volume: 355 mL
Alcohol : 5.5 %
Calories : 150