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Pacific Cool Blood Orange Tall cans in Alberta!?

You read that right! 473ml Blood Orange Pacific Cool Vodka Soda Tall cans are NOW AVAILABLE IN ALBERTA! Blood Orange Pacific Cool Vodka Soda has quickly become one of our best selling flavors in the Pacific Cool line, so not only did it just make sense to put it into a 473ml tall can, but […]

Cariboo Brewing x Old Dutch Chips: Better Together!

Things that just plain go better together: Peanut Butter and Jam, Milk and Cookies, Cheese and Crackers, AND Cariboo Brewing and Old Dutch Chips!!! We couldn’t be more excited to team up with a bonofide Canadian classic that is Old Dutch Chips!! From the big game to a big party, Old Dutch Chips are a […]

Pacific Take Home Tasting Tour: Vancouver Event

Vancouver, BC! You are the first stop on our “Pacific Take Home Tasting” tour! With less events, but so many epic new beverages coming out of Pacific Western Brewery in 2021, We’ve decided to hit the road and bring our newest Beers and RTD’s to you to try! Starting in the heart of downtown Vancouver […]

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