Congrats PG! Civic vote signals confidence in our path forward

All of us at Pacific Western Brewing wish to extend a much-deserved thank you to all the candidates who offered themselves for public service in the municipal elections held Saturday.

In particular, we are very proud of Kyle Sampson who, at the age of 25, will be the youngest councillor in the history of the City.

Kyle Sampson and Cori Ramsay will join Mayor Lyn Hall and the six incumbents on Prince George city council. The re-election of so many incumbents suggests Prince George voters were most comfortable endorsing the leadership being demonstrated at City Hall. For a long-standing corporate citizen like PWB, dedicated to investing where we live, this election outcome inspires a great deal of confidence in PG’s civic path forward.

Kyle Sampson is a key member of the Pacific Western Brewing team in Prince George and is a champion of his community. Having moved to Prince George in 2002, Kyle has settled in to make this place his home. He started with the company in February 2016 with duties in marketing, communications, sales, events, and community initiatives in the hometown area.

Kyle says: “I wave the PWB flag everywhere I go, and I plan to be part of the PWB family for a long time to come. I am just as excited about the work we do today as I was when I started with the company. I am proud to be part of the PWB team and to work for the Komatsu family.”

Besides his PWB duties, Kyle is actively involved in the community. This year the Prince George Chamber of Commerce named him in the Top 40 Under 40 publication. In 2016, he received the Community Ambassador Award at the Business Excellence Awards. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys participating in community theatre productions. He also jumps at the opportunity to pull out his kayak in the summer and his skis in the winter.


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