Buy Local grant helps PWB support BC’s vital farming sector

“At Pacific Western Brewing, we are proud partners

 in the Buy Local initiative with the provincial government

 and our home-grown farming neighbours.”

Former Owner Kazuko Komatsu (July 1948 – July 2018)

Pacific Western Brewing – BC’s largest independent, locally-owned brewery – is receiving $30,844 of “Buy Local” funding to launch a marketing campaign to promote its all-BC Cariboo Springs Lager.

PWB’s Acting Plant Manager Tom Leboe, says: “Cariboo Springs Lager supports hard working BC farmers and families that make our craft possible and utilizes ingredients from their fields including the finest quality hops from the Fraser Valley and barley from the Peace Region.”

The provincial government’s Buy Local program is providing 15 BC-based wineries and breweries with more than $450,000 in funding to promote their local products. The government has committed $14 million to the Buy Local Program since 2012, including $6 million over the next three years.

“This program allows small producers throughout the province to grow and become more competitive. At PWB, we have made a long-term commitment to BC farmers to encourage them to produce greater volumes and varieties of ingredients used to make our fine beers,” Leboe says. “We thank the province for helping the craft brewing sector build a sustainable industry that supports local farmers.”

Former brewery owner Kazuko Komatsu was steadfast: “My goals have always been to produce quality products and to invest where we live. After a quarter century leading the PWB team, those goals carry me forward.”