Brewery reflects a commitment to excellence

With her 25th year of brewery ownership being celebrated this year, Kazuko Komatsu’s dream for PWB continues to be compellingly simple: To nurture and grow a brewery that reflects the centuries-old traditions of her family and her personal commitment to excellence.

In 1991, the brewery was purchased by Ms. Komatsu, a vibrant entrepreneur driven by the call to community service enshrined in her ancestral Samurai heritage. She saw in PWB an opportunity to apply her values and use those qualities to create a strong brand and an international reputation.

Under Kazuko’s stewardship the achievements and the accolades have been unparalleled. The first Asian Canadian to take a leadership role in the brewing industry, she has established her reputation and staked the brewery’s name on her unwavering quality standards. She is also extremely proud to be a job creator in BC.

Pacific Western Brewing is enjoying a wave of “buy local” enthusiasm amongst BC’s quality and cost-conscious beer drinkers. Established in 1957 right on top of a bountiful spring of pure mountain water, the brewery has a proud history of BC firsts including being the first Canadian brewery to export beer to Mainland China in 1991 and then to Russia in 1996.